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September Donor of the Month– Olga Blyweiss ‘03

Meet Olga Blyweiss. She is an extremely charitable professional who works tirelessly to advance the Blue White Foundation’s mission.

As soon as Olga joined the Board of Directors, her first order of business was to make sure that the non-profit had the technology in place to offer Corporate Matching. Next, she wanted it positioned on the web site so it was easy to find. Now, the Double my Donation button is on the top of the Home page and it is also under the Donate Tab titled “Employer Match Link”.

Next, Olga and Co-Board member Brendan Cox began the tedious task of getting the Foundation approved for their companies’ United Way Giving Campaign and Year End Giving Campaigns. We are proud that Blue White Scholarship is approved and can be written in as your charity of choice nationwide.

Our Code Number: #54001

Olga is the perfect Board member. She shows up at all the events, donates at the Ambassador level and she has excellent input at board meetings. But what is really special about Olga is her heart.

When introduced to current Blue White Scholar Liz Ovsyannikova, she immediately offered to be one of her mentors. They share a lot in common.

Both are originally from Russia. Olga escaped persecution from the Communist Party and came to Philadelphia with her family. Her home was in Odessa, Ukraine which had been controlled by Russia for hundreds of years.

Liz is from Moscow, Russia and her family, like Olga’s, wanted a better life for their daughter. Before the sanctions were placed on Russia, Liz’s parents participated in the lottery to win permanent residency. They only won one ticket and sent their daughter at age 16. Liz has been 100% self reliant since age 18 and is studying finance. Olga, of course is the perfect mentor.

Olga obtained her Master’s degree while working full-time at Shechtman, Marks, Devor (now Friedman, LLP). A few years later, she left and moved on to a larger mid-tier firm. After spending nearly 5 years with mid-tier firms, she returned to the Big 4 as a Senior Manager for EY. Subsequently, she moved to KPMG and is now a Managing Director in the Business Tax Services practice and the co-leader of the Enterprise practice for the PA Business Unit. Olga is also one of the co-leaders of KNOW (KPMG Network of Women), she is the Philadelphia office partner champion of KMPG’s Involve and is the recruiting champion for Drexel University, where she earned her undergraduate degree.

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