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In 1784, Benjamin Franklin received a letter from his old friend, Benjamin Webb, requesting financial assistance. Being of limited means, Franklin was hesitant to comply with his friend's request. Ultimately, Ben agreed to help with one condition -- that his friend repay the debt not to Franklin but to someone else in similar need with a similar stipulation. Franklin reasoned that in this way, his investment would then help not just one person, but would continue to help many until a "knave" might break the chain of these good deeds.
This charitable gesture has become better known today as "Paying Forward" an act of kindness/charity or simply, "Paying it Forward."
By accepting a scholarship award from the Blue White Scholarship Foundation, the scholarship recipient agrees to make a non-binding pledge to return the good favor of the scholarship award and "Pay It Forward" to another BWSF scholarship recipient at some time in the future.
Our Scholarship Foundation holds an annual Franklin Pledge ceremony where our newest scholarship recipients make the pledge to "Pay It Forward."
The genius of Benjamin Franklin inspired volunteer firehouses, free libraries, institutions of higher learning, and most importantly-- the "Pay It Forward" Pledge.
The Pledge originated when Benjamin Webb, a friend of Franklin's, asked Franklin to loan him money. Franklin declined to lend him the money - rather he offered to give Webb the needed funds, but under one condition--that Webb needed to "Pay it Forward" and help a future person in need.
In Benjamin Franklin's honor and memory, BSWF includes the Pledge to instill in our scholarship recipients the tradition of giving to others in need, in a similar way as they are helped.

The Greatest Investor Ever!
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Benjamin Franklin

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The History Behind Our Pledge Ceremony

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