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Real Estate

Ways to Give Real Estate


  • A gift in your will or living trust.

  • A charitable remainder unitrust

  • A charitable lead trust

  • A donor advised fund

  • Deed your home or vacation home to BWSF can continue to use the property the rest of your life by arranging a LIFE ESTATE

Wish to make a significant donation without touching your bank account? Consider gifting real estate or deed your property while continuing to use your property for the rest of your life. Such a generous gift helps us continue our work for years to come and can also offer you tax benefits. 




Outright Gift

Sale of appreciated real estate can mean a sizeable capital gains tax. But if you gift it outright, you are allowed a charitable deduction of up to 30% of your Adjusted Gross Income. If the total is larger than the annual allowable deduction, the surplus can be carried forward over the next five years.


Retained Life Estate 

You can deed your home, farm, or vacation home to the BWSF, save taxes and still live there for the remainder of your life. A Life Estate can benefit both you and Blue White.

See How Kate Gifted Her House to Charity

Kate purchased her home years ago and has watched it grow steadily in value. Still active in her career and traveling frequently, she's beginning to find home ownership more and more of a hassle. At this stage of her life, Kate has decided to move to a 55+ condominium development, where all exterior maintenance is provided and she doesn't have to worry about security issues. Kate sees this as an opportunity to give her existing house to a charity that's important to her while realizing valuable tax benefits.

Kate qualifies for a federal income tax charitable deduction of $250,000, which is for her home's fair market value today. She is able to claim 30 percent of her $200,000 adjusted gross income, or $60,000, in the year of the gift.


In the five years following, she can continue to use up the remaining $190,000 deduction. Kate is happy in her new condo and loves knowing that the gift of her house will make a big difference supporting our mission.

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