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The Foundation's mission is charitable fundraising to provide scholarships to deserving Villanova University juniors and seniors who have encountered gaps in funding and financial difficulty that could prevent them from achieving their goal of graduating with a Villanova Degree.


The vision of the Blue White Scholarship Foundation is to achieve the goal of assuring that no Villanova undergraduate student should have financial hardship preventing him or her from completing their undergraduate degree program.



After Villanova University has provided all of the financial aid it has allocated, there are still many students who experience a gap in funding, putting them at risk for not being able to graduate.

The Average  Gap is 21% according to the US News & World Report 2018. 58% of the students applied for aid and 48% received Need Based Aid. Only 16.7% had their Need Fully Met leaving 83.4% of the Students having some percentage of need.

After Pell Grants, federal work study, loans, and other scholarships, the average student we help has about $14,000 in unmet financial need according to the University's Department of Financial Assistance.


In 20 years, The Blue White Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships to more than 350+ students, totaling over 2.5+ million dollars.  


The Blue White Scholarship Foundation is an independent 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, which is a public charity founded in support of Villanova University students and the Catholic and Augustinian character of the University.


It is a leadership organization that is composed of alumni and friends of Villanova University who embrace the ideals of  truth, unity and charity,

The Foundation’s origins date back to 1973 when the “Wildcat Club” was formed by a group of Villanova Alumni, for the purpose of raising money for the Villanova University Varsity Athletic Programs.


In 2001, the Foundation ceased fundraising for athletics, and instead instituted the Blue White Scholarship Foundation, whose sole purpose is to award financial need-based scholarships to Junior and Senior Villanova  students.


  • Rising Juniors and Seniors

  • Financial Need -  have exhausted all possible financial aid

  • Strong Academic Ability

  • Superior Work Ethic-- Shown by work history

  • A Willingness to "Pay It Forward"


  • Students with unexpected hardships               
    • Sick family member = medical bills     

    • Parent lost job

    • Multiple siblings in school simultaneously 

    • Parent died

  • Students working their way through school

  • Students paying 100% of their tuition

  • Middle Class Families who cannot afford to pay completely out of pocket nor qualify for 100% aid/loan packages


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