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Donate Stock

Transfer Stock To Blue White
Considerations When Gifting Stock
Advantages of Appreciated Stock  when held a minimum of 1 year
  • Avoid capital gains tax on the increase in value.

  • Receive an income tax deduction for the stock's full Fair Market Value (the value of the stock on the gift date, NOT the original stock purchase price).


Example: Stock purchased years ago for  $1,000 and now worth $10,000.  Making an outright gift to Blue White Scholarship Foundation would result in a charitable contribution deduction of $10,000. Also, there would be no tax on the $9,000 appreciation.

Gifts of appreciated stock are fully tax deductible up to a maximum of 30% of your adjusted gross income. Example: if your adjusted gross income for this year is $100,000, up to $30,000 of long-term appreciated stock and other property gifts may generally be deducted this year. Any excess can generally be carried forward and deducted over as many as five subsequent years.

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