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October Donor of the Month - Ricky Lapierre

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Ricky's brother, Ron, (on the left) is a 1971 Villanova Graduate

Part of running a good non-profit is creating excellent records, For an alumni based organization, this means finding out graduation years and getting to know each donor. When a graduation year couldn’t be found for Ricky Lapierre a phone call was made to say “thank you” for his $500 contribution and ask him his graduation year. He explained that he NEVER attended Villanova. Why ? I asked, do you then support our students?

Here is what he said:

“When I was 10 years old, I was able to go visit for a week and stay with my big brother on campus. I grew up loving all things Villanova and followed all their sports teams especially Football and Basketball. Villanova was the college of my dreams and where I wanted to go but was unable to afford to go there. After I graduated college a group of us would travel to New York City to watch the Wildcats in the Big East Tournament, it was there we became friends with Bob Capone. He was a very special person and 110 percent Villanovan. He would invite to events at the tournament and we also would travel down to the main line for at least one football and basketball game each year. Bob is one of the reasons I started donating to the Wildcat Club because of all the good thing that they did for the students. The other reason was if my donating could help some student who could not afford to go there, go there and get the educon of their dreams then I would be helping someone to do something that I could not.

Ricky is at home being outside and having fun! In fact he used to spend all his time outside as a kid trying out equipment for the company across the street from his home.. They invented a new game called Street Hockey. In 1970, Raymond Leclerc had a vision of an entirely new sport… ice hockey played without ice. As a result of this vision, Mylec © was formed in Winchendon MA, and have been the pioneers of street hockey since. Mylec created the first ever No-Bounce© ball, the first plastic-bladed stick, and the first plastic playing surface. Mylec also established the first set of playing rules, adopted by up-and-coming rinks around the United States and Canada. In 2005, Mr. Leclerc sold the company to Mr. Laperriere. Mr. Laperriere (Ricky) then build a brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing factory and headquarters. Let’s go Flyers! Oops.

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