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Donor of the Month - June 2019

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Chris Lucido (16') - June 2019 Donor of the Month

We picked Chris Lucido (16') as our June Donor of the Month after he donated $500 of his 2nd place Mother’s Day Raffle Winnings Back to Blue White Scholarship Foundation. To be fair, it was Chris’ mother, Carole, who bought the winning ticket in the names of her sons, Chris and Jeffrey. This is her response to a voicemail that was left to advise her she had won 2nd place in the Mother’s Day Raffle.

I got in touch with Chrissy (while at the clinic). I told him the good news. But I have to tell you, I said "Chris, I'm sorry, but I donated $500 back to the BWSF." His response: "You should have given more!!!!!!" I told Chris that he has his career and should "pay it forward" even though right now he needs it for his residency (no PAY). Please do not think less of me. His agreement to donate the $500 is an example of the type of person he is!!! Thank you for always being our angel!!!
~Carole L.

We are so proud of Chris for “Paying It Forward” and allowing us to help more students as we once helped him.

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