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Student Spotlight - April 2019

Hello, My name is Liz Ovsyannikova and I am a current Blue White Scholar, graduating in May 2020 with a degree in Finance.

I moved here from Moscow, Russia when I was sixteen years old, without speaking a word of English. The only true misfortune I suffered was having to leave my family behind , as they did not have an opportunity to move with me.

As such, I am fully responsible for all my college and living expenses. I work 30 hours as week, as both a server at a local restaurant and as a client associate at Merrill Lynch. Though I have not let that stop me from making Dean’s List every year so far.

 When I got the award letter I felt like huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Without people like you I would be having a much more difficult life. Thank you for donating to the Blue White Foundation and for helping me to achieve my dreams. This extra financial stability will help me to focus more on school without constantly worrying about paying bills on time.

I am wishing one day we can meet in person and I could thank you again for your generosity and for making my life more stable. I am sending you best wishes and luck.

"Becoming one of the Blue White Scholar is a true blessing and words cannot describe how thankful I feel."

~ Liz Ovsyannikova

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