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Student Spot Light - March 2019

Hello, my name is Anthony Pasella and I am a current Blue White Scholar, graduating in May 2020 with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

When I found out that I received this scholarship, I nearly leaped up in the middle of the office when I read the word “congratulations” on the email notification. Before then, I feared I would not be able to complete my degree on time and questioned whether college was worth it.

Being awarded this scholarship has afford me something I never had in my time at college: peace of mind. I am able to focus on my studies; pursue internships and take advantage of the unique skill-building opportunities my extracurricular responsibilities provide.

Ultimately, I am hoping this scholarship will allow me to pursue my dream of working as a portfolio manager. I have had many exciting experiences and I have been given a lot of freedom to explore the different areas of financial services and begin developing the skills and a network that will take me far in the industry.

All of that, was thanks to your contribution to the Blue White Scholarship Foundation. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to chase the American Dream. 

"I know it's Thursday, but start your weekend early and get in a great mood. When you make a donation to Blue White you'll feel great knowing you helped a fellow alumni of the future. We (the students) really do need help in "bridging our financial aid gap." I know I was extremely grateful for your generosity!"

~ Anthony Pasella

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