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June Student Spotlight: Joey Carmody '20

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Joey is graduating in December of 2020 and will begin his career path at FTI consulting in NYC. Congratulations Joey!

Coming to Villanova, I found it overwhelming to decide my future career path. As a first-generation college student, I was unaware of the doors that a college degree could open, and found it challenging to choose the right doorways to walk through. However, the Villanova Business School has provided a wide variety of opportunities for me to learn about the wide variety of opportunities and career paths that I have taken full advantage of.

Since the beginning of my Sophomore year, I have been interning in the Villanova Applied Finance lab where I have been able to learn various financial platforms and assist other students in the lab. This year, Bartley Hall has opened a new finance lab with cutting edge technology. I’m excited to continue to continue to gain valuable skills in the finance lab that will help me beyond my years at Villanova.

While at my time at Villanova, I have been amazed by the limitless opportunities that VSB has to offer. Coming to Villanova as a first-generation college student has allowed me to explore career opportunities that I was unaware were available. There is a steep learning curve in being the first generation in your family to attend college, in that there are often so many possibilities with a college degree, it can be challenging to know the right fit or choose the right major.

Luckily for me, Villanova has helped me explore all possibilities for the trajectory of my career and has allowed me to have multiple internship and externship experiences while being guided by Villanova alumni in the banking industry.

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