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January Student Spotlight: Brian Armstrong and Comcast

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This past summer, I had the unique opportunity to apply what I had learned at Villanova thus far with an internship at Comcast NBC Universal. While I personally worked with the Cable FP&A Group in Philadelphia, interns were placed on a variety of teams across finance and accounting groups based in eight different cities in the United States. Although the office locations separated some of us physically, we were still a tight cohort that collaborated frequently, working on case studies and assignments together to share and apply what we were learning and eventually present during a Development Session at the conclusion of the summer.

Over the course of our projects, I had the opportunity to connect with several other Villanova students participating in the same program. As we dove further into our research, refined the quality of our presentations, and reminisced about our C.E. class at Villanova and how it prepared us for the task at hand, we felt more comfortable about sharing our own experiences and got to know each other on a deeper personal level. Similarly, as we began to spend more time communicating and hanging out outside of work, the relationships we developed helped to strengthen our team dynamics and only further motivated us to deliver a solid performance. Being able to collaborate and share experiences with others, especially Villanovans, was the foundation of our success as well as new friendships that we may never have had the opportunity to develop.

Later in the summer, when I discovered that I received a Blue-White Scholarship, I was elated knowing that I was about to join another tight-knit community of professionals who are making a difference in their community. However, as I began to talk with my group, I found out that this community is even more tight-knit than I originally thought. While having lunch with the rest of the Philly interns, I was thrilled to hear from Jessie Malatesta that she also received a Blue-White Scholarship. Then, in communicating with other intern offices prior to our final Development Session, I was excited to discover that Maggie Jennings was a Scholar as well. For us, being able to share our BWSF experiences served as a catalyst to continue to network and get to know each other further. It allowed us to understand each other’s backgrounds, values, and motivations, which further strengthened our personal connections and encouraged us to not only plan for our final presentations, but for an exciting year ahead as scholars and new members of this community.

At the conclusion of our internship, we were able to reunite at our Development Session and deliver quality solutions, watching the results of our hard work finally pay off (Maggie Jennings was even part of the winning team and had the chance to meet E-Sports CEO Tucker Roberts!). As we now look towards our senior year and our careers beyond Villanova, I feel fortunate to have expanded not only my professional experience but my personal network this past summer. I know that thanks to the Nova Nation, as well as to the Blue-White Scholarship Foundation, I will continue to meet people who are as passionate about and committed to our school and its community as I aspire to always be.

Interns and Post Graduation Plans (From Left):

Brian Armstrong: KPMG Tax Associate/Masters of Accounting Fellowship at Villanova University

Jessie Malatesta: CORE Finance Rotation Program at Comcast NBCUniversal

Maggie Jennings: CORE Finance Rotation Program at Comcast NBCUniversal

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