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February Acts of Kindness– Vince Chisari ’03 –BW Scholar

Thank you Vinny for Participating in the Monthly Giving Program

In the summer of 1999, I remember being just as excited about starting at Villanova University in the fall, as I was anxious about affording the steadily increasing cost of higher education. My family had just sacrificed a lot to support me through high school. While other options for higher education might have been more easily accommodated, they sacrificed again to ensure I could begin my academic career at Nova, but the money ran out by my junior year.

BWSF Recipient ‘02 &’03 Pays It Forward $1000 in December and $100 Monthly

While the first couple of years were a financial strain, I maintained a strong GPA while balancing a part-time campus job. Toward the end of my Sophomore year financial circumstances changed, and there were times leading into Junior year, that I thought perhaps, I would have to take time off or transfer. Thanks for the hard work and support of the Blue White Scholarship Foundation, they were able to ‘Bridge the Gap’ providing substantial tuition support over my final two years alleviating both financial anxieties and any imminent need to leave Villanova. 15 years post-graduation, I am forever thankful for the Blue & White Scholarships that enabled me to graduate on time, securing and launching my career in management consulting. After spending much of my early career with Accenture, in late 2017 I began a career with Deloitte Digital.

Vinny’s career in consulting has taken him virtually around the world. The picture to the top left: Vinny in the French Rivera bottom left: eating a waffle — in of course-Belgium. Below: picture taken in front of Westminster Abby in London.

At Deloitte, I am a leader in our advertising technology group and manage our partnership with Google Marketing. My work focuses on helping clients to take ownership and control over their customer and marketing data to enable a better customer experience using advanced insights and analytics. My work enables me to travel all over the world, while working with some really great clients/brands, technology partners, and cutting edge capabilities (e.g. machine learning, cloud, digital reality, advanced data management).

Technology has certainly changed a lot since I attended my CSC classes in Mendel Hall, but what hasn’t changed is the BWSF’s commitment to ‘Bridge the Gap’ for Villanova students that were just like me. No matter the path you take, nor the number of miles you travel, it is important that current and past scholarship recipients continue to help empower the future needs of our fellow Wildcats!

Go ‘Nova!- Vinny Chisari Congratulations to Vinny! He’s been selected for the Endowment National Advisory Team based in NYC. If you live in NY and would like to meet Vinny call (201) 417-5034.

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