Board Member Olga Blyweiss

Meet Olga Blyweiss. She is an extremely charitable professional who works tirelessly to advance the Blue White Foundation's mission. She is the perfect Board member. She shows up at all the events, donates at the Ambassador level and she has excellent input at board meetings. But what is really special about Olga is her heart. When introduced to current Blue White Scholar Liz Ovsyannikova, she immediately offered to be one of her mentors. They share a lot a lot in common. Both are originally from Russia. Olga escaped persecution from the Communist Party and came to the United States with her family. Her home was in Odessa, Ukraine which had been controlled by Russia for hundreds of years. Liz is from Moscow. She was lucky enough to emigrate at age 16, but she came as an unaccompanied minor. Read more about Olga Blyweiss.

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