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Make a Memorial or Tribute Gift

Celebrate special occasions 

Wedding Favors - Make a donation to The Blue White Scholarship Foundation in lieu of wedding favors. Call the office and we will provide you with Table Cards explaining your donation and the mission to "Bridge the Gap" for those students with unexpected hardships.


Memorialize a loved one.

Funeral - In lieu of sending flowers, make arrangements for mourners to make a tax deductible gift - "In memory of your loved one." Each year, we have had kindness bestowed upon the foundation during this time of loss. Both the donors and family are to be commended for this act of kindness.

 Let the Games Begin!

When losing that Gentleman's bet after a round of golf or watching our Cats play, why not designate Blue White Scholarship Foundation as the destination of the proceeds. It's great fun to get that call, hear about the game, and that a donation is being made because a friend wanted to "do some good" for the students.

  Mega Gift

Consider giving us real estate. Such a generous gift helps us continue our work for years to come.


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