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Bridging the Financial Aid Gap since 2001

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Our Impact


$2.5+ Million Dollars Awarded


Assisted 350+ Students


  • 48% of students required needs-based aid

  • These students have an average 21% shortfall to cover tuition plus room & board

  • Only 13.2% had needs fully met even after University grants and Federal loans

Who We Help

  • Students with unexpected hardships                 

    • Illness causing major Medical Bills     

    • Parent lost job

    • Parent is under-employed

    • Multiple siblings in school simultaneously 

    • Parent died



  • Students paying 100% of their tuition


  • Middle Class Families who cannot afford to pay completely out of pocket nor qualify for 100% aid/loan packages

Blue White Scholar Francesca Cocchi '17
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The Blue White Vision

Our vision is to ensure students working their way through school and who encounter a financial hardship can achieve their dream of obtaining a Villanova degree. 

Pictured: Our Scholars taking the Benjamin Franklin Pledge to

"Pay It Forward" at the annual ceremony, witnessed by the Foundation's Board of Directors. 


What We Do

  • The Blue White Scholarship Foundation "Bridges the Gap" for students who are STILL short even after having received all possible aid from every source within the University. 

  • Villanova University reports a 21% financial aid gap       

(U.S. News & World Report, Best Colleges Edition, Sept.  2020)

  • The average gap for our scholarship recipients is $14,000


  • Rising Juniors and Seniors

  • Financial Need - those who have exhausted all possible financial aid

  • Strong Academic Ability

  • A Willingness to "Pay It Forward"

  • We give preference to students with unexpected hardships or paying 100% of tuition on their own

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What Makes

The Blue White Foundation Unique


The Blue White Scholarship Foundation, also known as the Blue White Club, is the only nationwide and oldest independent alumni organization composed of alumni & friends of Villanova University.


Read What Our Scholars Have to Say



"Last year my father lost his job, causing the burden of paying 4 college tuitions to become the main stressor in our lives. When I got my letter from BWSF, my entire family felt like we could breathe for the first time in a while."

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Blue white Scholar Villanovan Patrick Ciapciak on graduation day 2016. After leaving Villanova, he entered Boston College Law School. Patrick  graduated and married his Nova sweetheart in 2019.

Catch the Blue White Spirit

Catch the Blue White Spirit.

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