• The Blue White Scholarship Foundation "Bridges the Gap" for students who are STILL short AFTER they have received all possible aid from every source within the University. 

  • Villanova University reports a 20% financial aid gap  (Source: U.S. News & World Report, Best Colleges Edition, March 2017)


  • The average gap for our scholarship recipients  is $13,000 per student.​



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Who we help 


  • Students with unexpected hardships . (Parent lost job/ family member is sick/high medical bills/multiple siblings in school at the same time) 



  • Students paying 100% of their tuition


  • Students/Families who cannot afford to pay completely out of pocket nor qualify for 100% aid/loan packages


Francesca Cocchi, a 2016-2017 Blue White Scholar, currently works as a writer in New York City. (Read More)


The vision of the Blue White Scholarship Foundation is to ensure that students who encounter a financial hardship, and who meet our scholarship criteria, can achieve their dream of obtaining a Villanova degree. 


  • Rising Juniors and Seniors

  • Financial Need - those who have exhausted all possible financial aid

  • Strong Academic Ability

  • Superior Work Ethic-- Students must be working their way through school

In honor of Benjamin Franklin, the creator of the "pay it forward concept," students use traditional quill pens to sign their pledge.


  • Our top donors act as "Judges," reviewing, evaluating, and scoring student applications. The result: Our donors have a direct role in determining which students receive scholarships.



  • Blue White Scholarship recipients have all taken the pledge to pay it forward. Here are six ways to pay it forward that won't break the bank.

Read What our scholars have to say



Last year my father lost his job, causing the burden of paying 4 college tuitions to become the main stressor in our lives. When I got my letter from BWSF, my entire family felt like we could breathe for the first time in a while.

Our impact


$2.44 Million Dollars Awarded 


Assisted 300+ (2001-2017)



300 students x $84,000 avg. income x
44 years of working =

Want to get Involved?

Patrick Ciapciak, a 2016 recipient, currently attends Boson College Law. Patrick was responsible for paying 100% of his undergraduate tuition.


  • Become a 


  • Support us monthly with a 


  • Act as a


($500 minimum donation)
  • Be a
  • Shop at                            and designate BWSF as your charity of choice




P.O. Box 412

Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085

(610) 519-0777

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